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Chris Henry
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Introducing Chris Henry

Are you working much longer hours than you wish to or ever imagined you would be?

Do you want to take back the dream and vision that led you to setting up your own business at the beginning?

Do you want to regain control of your life to spend much more time with friends and family?

To quote the words of Thomas Jefferson ‘If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.’ So why don’t you do something you haven’t done before and invest in a business coach?

Chris Henry

I am a certified Business Coach based in Halifax, a town in the county of West Yorkshire. My reasons for joining the Number 1 Business Coaching Franchise in the World ‘ActionCOACH’ are two-fold. Following a 24 year career in Banking and being someone who thrives on helping others, I was eager to re-establish the association with what I can do and the benefits derived from what I can do. Secondly, I was uninspired by my research into franchise opportunities until I came across ActionCOACH and I instantly knew that I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to use my experience and enthusiasm within such a company. 

My personal goal has always been to reach my full potential and help others to achieve theirs. So I would love to speak with you right now about how you can achieve more from your business, in terms of improving both your balance sheet and your lifestyle. 

How can I help?

Simply put, I can help you to implement proven business procedures specific to your individual needs. With regards to expertise and strategies I will help in multiple ways, for example:  

  • FINANCIAL: I will assist you in getting a real grasp of the numbers in your business and how to drive your business forward using them
  • TIME: I will keep you focused on the key activities that are generating you income whilst working to your main strengths
  • SYSTEMS: I will show you how to save both money and time by streamlining your business’s regular activities
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Let’s turn your customers into ‘raving fans’ of your business so they regularly buy from you and ensure a stream of new customers come through from their recommendations
  • MARKETING AND SALES: Turn your budget for marketing from an expense into an investment. I will show you the five key drivers used to improve profitability from increased sales
  • TEAM: I will help you entice, train and keep hold of first-rate people for your business
  • INCREASE PROFIT: A non-negotiable rule of my coaching is to increase your profit and I will back this up by providing you with a written guarantee from the outset

So what is holding you back?

Common reasons for people hesitating about working with a business coach, along with my thoughts underneath, are as follows:

‘I haven’t got time’ 

This is why you need me! I’ll help you to effectively use your time, working proactively as opposed to reactively. 

‘I already know what I need to do’ 

Without wanting to come across too blunt, why haven’t you done it then? I will help you devise a plan of action in order that you get round to implementing all of the plans you want in place.

‘I am an expert in my specific industry, what are you able to teach me?

This is a good question. I probably can not teach you anything you don’t already know in your industry but what I can do is discuss proven strategies and systems that successful businesses apply. Richard Branson was not an airline expert when he went from Record Shop owner to the owner of a Commercial Airline, his expertise in business is what I believe made him successful.

‘I feel that I should be able to do it on my own’

Having a business coach is not a sign of weakness, in my opinion it’s the complete opposite. Is shows that you are serious about where your business is going. Why should we learn from the mistakes we make when we could take full advantage of a proven business model that has worked thousands and thousands of times.

‘I am unsure if business coaching is right for my business or for me’

Simply put, it may not be right for you as it is not right for everyone out there. I know that the systems work but only with your commitment and participation, along with the right connection with your business coach. You will not know if it right and be able to make an informed decision until you arrange to meet me.

So what are the next steps?

Step 1: Sit down and watch the video below which describes coaching in more detail and gives you the opinions of some of the many thousands of clients who have used our coaching services and are very satisfied.

Step 2: Right now is the perfect time for you to begin the process of seizing your goals and dreams. Call me today for a completely FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation and we will start moving your business to the next level. Discover how you are able to transform the way you do business to reach the outcome you deserve.

P.S. If you are a business owner, the first step to getting your business going is to take the “Business Health Check.” Click here to get started. 

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